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Empowering families to work in collective communities that lead

and optimize the educational outcomes of their children.

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Click  Here to Listen to Our Youth Produced and Directed

WorldSchool Mosaic 1st Educator Podcasts!

Get informed. Get empowered. Get results.

*Listen to the most recent show below.

WorldSchool Mosaic EAGLE Scholars Olivia and Gabrielle Launch GoKraftyWe Ignite Ingenuity
00:00 / 18:52

WorldSchool Mosaic specifically prepares our young scholars to become self-determined, self-directed and ultimately self-actualized productive global citizens.  Our inaugural podcast spotlights one of our middle-schooled aged business teams being interviewed by WorldSchool Mosaic's youth director Gabrielle Sutherland and host Ethan Sutherland. Enjoy and be inspired.  THIS is education!

Entrepreneurship Education as a Standard Not an Elective EYECON Founders Natasha & Omar Muhammad
00:00 / 38:47

Entrepreneurship is a pillar of our experiential education model at WorldSchool Mosaic.  Our strategic partner EYE for Change, which delivers the largest youth entrepreneurship conference on the East Coast, has some advice for parents, teachers, mentors and everyone who wants our children to thrive: entrepreneurial education is a must.  Listen to learn why instilling an entrepreneurial-mindsets produces true educational optimization.  

*Register for EYECON's FREE, yes FREE online conference happening Saturday, July 11th from 11-1230p here

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