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Our Story

The WorldSchool Mosaic is a family-centered education collective of parents founded by worldschoolers La Tasha and Marion Vanzie, who recognize themselves and their fellow parents as the first educators of their children. While legally the Vanzies are considered the misnomer "homeschoolers," their lifestyle takes them on the road often with their children who are educated in a bountiful school without walls.   Therefore, what they do as educators who are actively preparing their children to become highly adaptive, fully self-actualized entrepreneurs, is truly worldschooling.  


Since the beginning, Tasha and Marion embarked on this worldschooling journey by immediately building and surrounding their children with a community of educators, resources, and dynamic experiences based upon their children's unique interests which are STEEM (science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship and mathematics) leaning.  Over the years as a professional organizational developer and leader of her own nonprofit youth development organization for middle to high school youth and many small to large organization clients, Tasha has amassed a network of resources that provide rich educational acess and career


development opportunity for not only her children, but for her students, family members, and fellow homeschooling families.  


Two years ago in 2015, at the bequest of their sons, Solace and Nasir, Tasha and Marion were asked to expand their worldschool academy, The WorldSchool Mosaic, to officially include their fellow homeschooling colleagues in the form of a STEEM Club.  The Vanzies heeded their children's call.

Today, we not only offer STEEM Club, but also a host of online and in-person educational offerings for the entire family including clubs, applied knowledge academic courses, our evolved youth leadership college, career and entrepreneurship preparation program (EAGLE Society), a podcast, events, and a growing knowledge base of information and resources to enable 1st educating families to become self-actualized together.   

The WorldSchool Mosaic is also a founding member of the Consortium of Transformative Education, a collective of organizations with aligned missions to assure the optimal health, educational access, and self-agency of our 1st educating families.


Get to know us by joining one of our sessions, engaging with us at events, following us on social media, or aligning with us in the Consortium of Transformative Education.


Our Interdisciplinary Approach & Teaching Methodology


Using an interdisciplinary approach commonly described by American school systems as science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship and mathematics or STEEM, the WorldSchool Mosaic’s goal is to prepare its students to embrace being a scholar, producer and leader now.  The path is one of self-actualization, where the student engages in ongoing self-assigned and directed project based learning within the context of becoming a productive, responsible, discipline, creative, conscientious, problem assessing and solving adult who knows how to adapt to varying environments and thrive.  These key virtues of self-actualization are considered the most important character traits of leadership of organizations from public to private throughout the world. We are preparing our children to be self-actualized business enterprise owning leaders.



This means that the WorldSchool Mosaic ensures our students experience immediate real-world context and experiential learning for all academic subjects expected by the State of Maryland, which is an experience above and beyond what traditional schools (public or private) afford.  Our students are required to use the scientific method, engineering process and business process as appropriate when acquiring and applying knowledge about the real world application of academia, not as separate subjects, but as an interdisciplinary body of work in preparation for the real world and college.

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