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Consortium of Transformative Education

The Consortium of Transformative Education is a collective of established organizations and individual professionals working in alignment to help ensure optimal health, educational access, and self-actualization of children and families.  WorldSchool Mosaic is a founding partner alongside Home Educators Leading the Way, S.A.H.G.E. Academy, NSpire 360, and Preptelligence.

The consortium is newly established as of April 2020 and will work to provide a pipeline of rich educational resources, events, and opportunities that enable families to shape and optimize chosen educational outcomes.  Look forward to seeing and taking note of our calendar of engagement starting this summer.

Coming July 2020

how to effectively homeschool

A FREE intimate Q&A with the Consortium of Transformative Education to learn about how to advocate for and shape the best educational outcomes for your child whether they attend public, private or homeschool; how to get started with homeschooling; and where to access and apply resources to produce desireable outcomes. 

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