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Every two years since August 2010, the Vanzies accept  a small cohort of youth who they personally mentor as young social entrepreneurs on the path to matriculating to college.  These middle to high school aged apprentices form a cohort called The EAGLE (EVOKU Actualized Global Leadership Experience) Society, who are challenged with a mission to build an impactful initiative that serves hundreds of youth in a meaningful way of their choosing while they develop their own blueprint of self-actualization.  


Our current cohort project is called Future Haven, which is an reception-like experience that brings diverse groups of youth together to have fun, while learning and producing before client events.  The EAGLE Society provides our EAGLE Ambassadors with the tools, space, resources, mentorship and opportunities they need to make their vision manifest.​

Our EAGLE Ambassadors are prepared so well that they gain acceptance with scholarship into some of the best colleges in the US, including Morehouse College, Marymount University, St. Johns Univesrity, Hampton University, Morgan State University, University of Baltimore, University of Maryland, Towson University, Howard University, Frostburg University, North Carolina A&T and more! Join their ranks by taking advantage of the EAGLE Society Career MentorshipNetwork.

If you have a child or student who you believe has the ability and will to commit to our two year apprenticeship program, please feel free to inquire by emailing  EAGLE Society in the subject line to Tasha Sharif Vanzie at

EAGLE SOCIETY Code of Ethics and Values 


We are conscientious

We are discipline

We are reliable

We are responsible

We are compassionate

We are intentional

We are inspirational

We are enterprising

We are ethical

We are acknowledging

We are honorable…

In all facets of our lives.

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