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These days there is much talk about public schooling versus homeschooling versus private schooling. Many families,

understandably so, are so frustrated with the public schools in their areas that they are yanking their children out to homeschool them, only to discover that homeschooling is no easy, less systematic fete. A lot of criticism is being thrown in all directions, all the while communities that know better are galvanizing and organizing outside of these divisive distinctions.

Well, we are here to disrupt that nonsense of divisiveness, for we are ONE COMMUNITY of aligned families, goals and values that places education first, and where the world, not these confined spaces, is undeniably the classroom.


We are calling all families to action to save and prepare the next generation.

As worldschoolers, we recognize that education means the passage of knowledge and resources from one generation to the next, so that the younger generation may prosper. Therefore, we recognize that traditional schools are merely vehicles to deliver the academic level education as just one element of true holistic education. The primary source of education has always been and will always be the family. Education is a family enterprise. The broader community and its various elements of human, social and economic engagement (from our parks, to museums, to government services, to businesses to schools) are other vital vehicles of education that prepare our children to not only engage effectively, but take the helm of the next progressing generation.

Therefore, any system that does not prepare children to actually apply the essential knowledge needed to the run and optimize the system in which they are supposed to prosper (the society) is no and education system. Period. Take that in for a moment. Now visualize what must happen to get your children real access to quality education that provides them with the spaces and places to apply their knowledge and wisdom to prosperity….and join us!

JOIN US by learning from us: we have seasoned educators who are homeschoolers, traditional teachers, organizational leaders, youth development experts and curriculum developers all wrapped in one ready to advise you. Join our blog conversations. Ask questions and sign up for our future webinars that will teach you how to become as effective as us and replicate that reality in your community. Our website and webinars offer all kinds of necessary guidance to help you Build Your Arks from: education advocacy to understanding how children develop and how and when to use various teaching strategies; how to access the feasibility of homeschooling versus developing formidable partnerships with existing schools (public or private); a host of educational resources from academia, to life management, financial management and wealth building and career and entrepreneurship development and more.

JOIN US by becoming one of our Contributing 1st Educators: if you have a command knowledge and demonstrated application of that knowledge that has not only helped you and your family, but also many other people in your surrounding community, we want you to become a Contributing 1st Educator on this platform. Inquire by contact Tasha Sharif Vanzie at

JOIN US by practicing solution-oriented action: spend your time getting to know the actual education policies, teaching methodologies, resource management, and networking that actually impact , disadvantage or advantage you. Get to work on having such a command knowledge that you devise a full-proof plan for all of the children in your family, extended families and communities to prosper because you can. Again, our Contributing 1st Educators have blueprints for action you can model or we can help you create your own.

Whatever you do: do something and take the lead in your families without reliance on an external force to sustain you…because you can!

May peace, love and blessings always be you and upon you,

Tasha Sharif Vanzie Founder and Principal WorldSchool Mosaic First Educators

ABOUT TASHA SHARIF VANZIE | Tasha is a wife, mother and worldschooler who is also an entrepreneur. She is an organizational design and development expert who advises clients across the country on how to create and implement rich curriculum and growth inducing infrastructure for young people and staff in their growing organizations from businesses, to non-profits to schools. Tasha has written and implemented transformative career and entrepreneurship development curriculum for young and old across the country. She has also built highly effective youth development organizations that successfully prepare young people for college, careers and entrepreneurship including EAGLE Society and the WorldSchool Mosaic.

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